flipbook cinema

I've always had a fascination with flipbooks. I collect them, I've created them. But I wanted them to be more, to be bigger, to be art, to be more interactive. I had created my mutoscopes, which is more of a circular, continuous flipbook. But I also wanted a way to tell a longer story, one that didn't have to end where it began. These are like an long, analog, tactile versions of youtube. You can even control the speed and the direction of playback.


Immortalize your babies first steps, a wedding dance, blow a kiss, celebrate the winning shot, an amazing swing, a kick, a dive, a punch, a score, a GOOAAALLL!!.


Create a Darwin award, a trophy for best stunt, the best home video, replace the Oscar "...and the Flipbook goes to....." You can tell a story and create a one of a kind flipbook cinema, an interactive sculpture. "It's like petting a cat"


Here's Sadie Saidel starring in the first flip book I ever made. That's my Nana going from 20 - 90 in 50 pages. It was the invitation to her 90th birthday party.

Flipbooks as      Sculpture

60 years of john

Throughout his life,  John was very active and well photographed. For his 60th birthday, his wonderful wife, Hildegard, sent me hundreds of those images for me to work with. Of those, I weaved about 40 of his photos with transitions to bring John from a little kid to an older kid.

it is balloon

Watch the big balloons spin into each other as they come in for deflation at the end of the
Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. Created from 250 individual photographs.

grand central

Take a one finger drive around Grand Central Station and through the Pan Am Building
(Yes, I'm aware it's now the Met Life Building, but as you can see from my work, I'm old school.)

the shower.
what a scene.


Bob, Sponge Bob

Experience Sponge Bob as he flys low and slow at the end of Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.

that starwars kid

This flipable sculpture is an analog version of an early youtube favorite. "The StarWars kid"

With millions of views online why not experience youtube in the real world, well, kind of.


customize your own

Immortalize babies first steps, a wedding dance, a blown kiss, the winning shot,

an amazing swing, a kick, a dive, a punch, a score, a goooaaaaaalllllll...

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