Some q's . some a's


How Much do they cost?


Custom thisway|thatways start at $450 in a beautifully 16 x 20 black shadowbox frame.


What kind of images work best?


Some images works better than others. Things to look for: focus, composition, size, exposure. Feel free to send me several images and we'll do some test to find out what will work best. They can be digital files, old school photographic prints, slides, negatives, drawings and etchings are all good. The better the original images the better the final thisway|thatway.


Can i see more custom examples?


Yes, right here



What are thisway/thatway's made of?


Mostly archival inkjet prints, I have also used silkscreen, laser etching and all kinds of materials, from paper to silk to steel.


Can you make really large/long ones?


Yes, and it's perfect for long hallways. As people walk by, the art comes alive. The images changing seemlessly. You can have it tell a story, have it welcome people as the come in and thank them as they leave. They can even be designed to divide a space


Will my originals be harmed?


Images are scanned and the originals are returned unharmed. (Please wrap carefully with a few strong boards to prevent damage during shipping.) Digital files can be uploaded via a drop box or by email



Can you create the images for me?


Yes. Photographing with a ThisWay/ThatWay in mind helps to create an even more dramatic and graphic unique work of art.  A photo shoot can be set-up anywhere. Pets often prefer their own home or a park to a studio, and I will bring snausages. You can see my photography at



Should they be black & white or color?


Some people prefer the elegance of b&w, while others prefer to see their lives in vivid color. But don't worry, if the original photo is b&w it can be colorized. Or a color photo can be changed into a beautiful b&w photo. Or the Tw/Tw can even change from b&w to color.



Can you retouch my photos?


Minor retouching (fix a few small scratches, color to B&W, eliminate a pimple...) is included, after that it's $75 an hr. (estimated before) 


  • Color adjustments

  • Colorizing a B&W photo

  • Fix red eyes, yellow teeth, green clovers

  • Remove scratches or wrinkles

  • Creating new backgrounds

  • Mix elements from different photos

  • Repair damaged photos

  • Have that cousin once removed, actually removed,

  • Etc, etc, etc...



How long until i can hang it?


2 to 3 weeks for a standard 16x20 TwTw, usually on the quicker side.



Ok? i want one, now what?



Thank you!


Lets get started, contact Rob at

or by phone at 917-608-6379