Customize your mutoscope

Some q's . some a's


how MUCH for a custom mutoscope?


Custom built mutoscopes start at $2,500


how big are they?


Standard size with 60 frames is 31" x 24" x 9"

Bigger sizes, more frames than that, lets talk



How long can a video/animation be ?


Approximately 2-4 second loop (This is just a guideline, it really depends on the imagery)


can you work with home movies?


Certain video clips works better than others. The 60/120 frame loop can be created by "seamlessly" matching the end frames to the beginning frames, edits like jump cuts, dissolves... etc work too. Feel free to send me what you've got and we can do some test to find out what will work best for you and yours.



how can i send video to you?


Digitized videos can be shared via youtube, drop box, thumbdrive...



can you shoot the video for me?


Yes. Shooting a video with a Mutoscope in mind will help to create an even more dramatic, one of a kind look. A video shoot can be set-up anywhere.



can you edit the video?


Yes, cropping and trimming the clip is included. After that, editing is $75 an hour.

(estimated before hand)


  • Special effects

  • Creating titles

  • Changing backgrounds

  • Edit together elements from different videos

  • Have that cousin once removed, actually removed,

  • Etc, etc, etc...



can they be larger for a corporate - public - private - indoor - outdoor space?


Yes, let's talk. Rob at or by phone at 917-608-6379



how long until i can start cranking?


Standard sizes ship out in 4-6 weeks, usually on the quicker side.





ok, i want one. now what?


That's great, thank you, please get in touch with Rob
at or by phone at 917-608-6379