custom flipbook sculpture

It's like an analog version of youtube

Immortalize your babies first steps, a wedding dance, blow a kiss,  celebrate the winning shot, an amazing swing, a kick, a dive, a punch, a score, a gooaaaaaaaaalll. Create a Darwin award, a trophy for best stunt, the best home video, replace the oscar "...and the Flipbook goes to....." You can tell a story and create a one of a kind flipbook cinema, an interactive sculpture.


Some q's . some a's


How Much do they cost?


Custom Flipbooks created from supplied footage start at $1,500


how big are they? 250 "frames"


Standard sizes:

     Smaller ones are 125 frames

         (21" by 6.5" by 5.5" high)


     Bigger ones are 250 frames

         (36" by 6.5" by 5.5" high)


Bigger than that, lets talk



How long can a video clip be ?


125 pages is between 4- 15 seconds of video*


250 pages is between 10 - 50 seconds of video*


With even more pages it can be a whole movie


*This is just a vague guideline, it really depends on the footage. Send what you have and we can do a test.



How large/long can you make these?


On a long wall or a long hallway, they look amazing. The Flipbooks can be made any size to mount to the wall and flipped as you walk by. You can tell a story, share some joy, demo a product, pay a tribute...


can you work with my home movies?


Yes, certain video works better with the flipbooks and the overall effect. but feel free to send me what you've got, and we can find out what will work best.



how can i send video to you?


Digitized videos can be shared via youtube, drop box, thumbdrive...



can you shoot the video for me?


Yes and shooting a video with a flipbook in mind can help to create an even more dramatic, graphic look. A video shoot can be set-up anywhere. Pets often prefer their own home or a park to a studio, and I will bring them snausages.



can you edit the video?


Yes, cropping and trimming the clip is included. After that, editing is $75 an hour.

(estimated before hand)


  • Special effects

  • Creating titles

  • Change the backgrounds

  • Edit together elements from different videos

  • Have that cousin once removed, actually removed,

  • Etc, etc, etc...



how long until i can start flipping?


Standard sizes ship out in 3-5 weeks, usually on the quicker side.



ok, i want one. now what?


Thank you, that's great, please get in touch with Rob at or by phone at 917-608-6379